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Westchester Magazine's Features Editor Laurie Yarnell chats with Francine. Click the image above to read the article.



Everyone has a psychic ability. we just all receive things differently. Some people, "hear", "see", "feel", also others receive information from ones to whom have passed over. The more you pay attention the stronger those vibes become.

This year is a big year for Building new foundations, restructuring those foundations and manifesting unlimited possibilities.
There will be a Lunar Eclipse Jan 31,2018 (total eclipse) That will help in visualizer the building restructuring and manifesting our dreams and goal.
There will be a solar Eclipse Feb 15 (partial eclipse) That will put a strain on those focuses almost knocking down the foundations that we built. However the purpose of this eclipse is to shake us to the core and re visualize our purposes in life and re visualize the visions we have. To see the weakness in those concepts and change gears.

There will be several earthquakes that will be hitting parts of Asia the Sudan and the Middle East.
There will continue to be excessive snow in locations that are mostly warm and and few other crazy weather things.

Francine Tesler

In preparation for your reading, Francine asks that you read the following in order to understand how she works. If you have any questions about what is written here, she’ll be happy to answer them at the start of your reading. Francine believes that your understanding of how she receives information will add to your experience.

Everyone has a psychic ability. Basically we all receive information in different ways. Some people get dreams, some people see images, hear things, feel things etc. The more that we pay attention to these feelings the stronger the ability becomes. If one ignores their abilities it becomes dormant and may fade away.

For me I see images, hear things, feel things and the dead talk to me. Being a MEDIUM I cannot just press a button and make it happen. As far as the communication with those on the other side. There is no special phone number to dial up to God and ask to connect to a loved one. " It is not Burger King". We cannot have it our way! Keep in mind if someone is quiet in this life, the same rings true on the other side. Also the opposite, if someone was loud here, they are usually loud on the other side.

There is no particular order for the way that the information comes to me. I am dyslexic, and have ADD. So basically it is a giant puzzle board that I try to put together for my clients. "Very much like how children daydream." However, each puzzle is specific for that reading and/or that person. A lot of what I get is symbolism with real images. I also do medical intuitive work. I had a reoccurring dream ten years ago, that my dad was pregnant for three months and he was getting a c-section. Later on it turned out that he had to have triple hernia surgery done. So basically he looked pregnant. The symbols in the dream contained the message about my father’s upcoming surgery.

Also, please understand that no one can tell us how long we are going to live and there is no such thing as magic or spells or curses, etc. If there were Practitioners like me would be millionaires.

Francine Tesler

February 2018 Overview from Francine: The Feast of Saint Valentine: Love Reigns for All

Love for Everyone Tomorrow, This Month--And Always. Happy Early Valentine's Day, Everyone! Love Conquers All.

The Lunar Eclipse Jan 31,2018 (total eclipse) was significant in helping us to visualize building, restructuring and manifesting our dreams and goals. For this month, and for tomorrow—the Feast of Saint Valentine—be prepared for major themes from last summer to be unveiled. It will give everyone— all Fire, Air and Water signs— the opportunity to "address and finish” any unfinished business from last year.

As you may have started to feel and sense, this February (and starting tomorrow, February 14th) is the beginning of everyone being more courageous. Whether a lost or former love interest, someone that caught your eye that you never had the courage to ask out— whatever it is— now is the time to take that leap of faith. Now, we all can "dare to bare all" so to speak, and take more risks to be open. And this applies to all signs.

Please note that there will be a Solar Eclipse the day after Valentine’s Day, Feb 15 (partial eclipse). Its purpose is to shake us to the core and help us to focus and reevaluate our own purpose in life, and to see the weakness and weaknesses in what is around us, and fix what needs to be, well fixed, and move on and change gears if we need to.

Valentine's Day is going to be special as Venus will be in Pisces, and the sun will be in Aquarius. This means that LOVE will reign on ALL signs — and creativity and spirituality with be heightened. However, a few signs will feel extra special love this year — Leo, Aquarius and Pisces (because of the influence of Venus, and it's up to you to spread the love).

A few things to keep in mind: At the end of February, the sun, Venus, and Mercury* will all dwell in Pisces. For many, psychic abilities will be majorly amplified. Communications will become nonverbal almost telepathic. Many will become more expressive through music, art and creativity of all kinds.

Aries: There may be a dramatic event or shift in your life: keep your eyes open. Pay special attention to career opportunities. Be aware there is also an admirer pining for you. They will make their intentions open to you. Do not be scared or run away dear fire child. Give them a chance.

Taurus: When a former flame comes knocking, old feelings may resurface: try not to answer and resist temptation. Sometimes, it’s better to leave the past behind. You will have a great opportunity to get the job of your lifetime. Be confident and push forward. This opportunity will come from an old contact. Do not shy away and let the sun shine in!

Gemini: If you can dream it, you can make it happen. Professionally, you are about to make great things happen in the workplace. At home, you and your partner get through a big hurdle and it is blue skies ahead. Now, you can plan ahead and plant the seeds for your future legacy.

Cancer: You need to come out of your shell. This month, your soul mate will come into your circle. February 15th will open some doors to the unexpected, so be prepared yourself. This month sets foundation for the rest of the year in both love and career.

Leo: Old loves come back — whether or not you welcome them--whatever they may be--is up to you. But from here on in, things are looking up, up, up! This Valentine's is your best one yet.

Virgo: If you are not in a committed relationship, you will find yourself in the midst of three choices. Enjoy the buffet and evaluate really what you really need and want. An old flame will also try to reconnect. To the people that have their mate, enjoy some candle lit dinners!

Libra: You are ready for something (and someone) new and worthy--and perhaps, long term, in 2018. Heads up and put the phone, down.

Scorpio: You are ready to love and be loved. Metamorphosis, while slow, is happening. And love will find you in 2018.

Sagittarius: Too many places to go — too many people to see. Too many people to love. This year is about you. This is a time to choose love or Lust? On the career front there will be three new projects. One could be a platform to allow you to go off on your own to create your own company.

Capricorn: Love is everywhere starting this February…as long as you are open. Give yourself more time to social graces and stop being a workaholic.

Aquarius: Sensual Aquarius will have a HOT Valentine’s Day!! And, lucky you, it will continue throughout the year. ENJOY.

Pisces: As mentioned, this is your best Valentine's. Fantasy becomes reality and it will only get better throughout the month. Get ready for an amazing 2018.






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